How to make Levitron

Hello, my name is Konstantin, and this is project Hau-Tudu. Today I’ll show you how I made levitron. So the idea of device is very simple, the electromagnet lifts into the air a piece of magnetic material,

High voltage power supply or stročnik on two transistors

As I promised the second part about high-voltage power supplies, and if you haven't seen the first then I recommend that you check out, there was a circuit 555om timer, today go through more powerful on two

How to make a high voltage generator or stročnik on the 555 timer

Today I'll show you how did high-voltage power supply stročnike. So here is the high voltage power supply itself is practically useless and quickly bored because except play with arc or pizdanut′ friend, nothing will come of

How to make the jamming signal cell TetraFast with their own hands

Today I'm going to talk about such a thing as jamming cellular phones, part-time it just get silence tv, radio and wi-fi. The problem of noisy neighbors not spared anyone, including hams, and they invent:-) And the

Probes for Tester

Hello world! I don’t know about you, but I have constantly clamor probes for tester. Recently at the alièkspresse fall like this- Decided to take! As we arrived, was very pleasantly surprised by the quality, wire-soft needles

Macro photography (extension tubes)

Hello world! Electronics is becoming smaller and discern it is becoming harder, so I want to tell you about a great macro photography on a budget. No buying special optics have several options, the first is makro

Homemade light for video

Hello world! Not sure how much you will be interested in this art project, but I know that some of my subscribers too shoot video might be helpful. In General, recently caught my eye here is the

Order of printed circuit boards in China

Hello world! Today I want to highlight a topic such as ordering printed circuit boards to Chinese factories. And at once, this is not advertising, unfortunately, no one paid me. For me, as I guess most of

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How to make a Gauss Gun with your hands

Hello world! Today I want to tell you how to make real the Gauss cannon with his own hands. The device is often trotted out in computer toys, and most likely you’re familiar with. To start with